About Share. Learn. Grow.

The purpose of this project is to bring people together to share their own skills with others, while providing projects to low income / under privileged people / kids / families and schools who may not normally have access to such things. To introduce new things to those who may not otherwise have had an opportunity. We want to be able to teach skills via virtual classes with hands on projects that will promote STEM related learning that can introduce and enhance skills that one can use to build their interests and used in their future growth.

Various members and companies in the 3D Printing community discussed ways to give back to the community, helping low income families and schools that may not have the same opportunities to learn and grow their interests in STEM related fields. Education in general is under funded and we would like to contribute by giving access to resources, expand opportunities and encourage learning new skills and interests in the hopes to allow someone to grow into a future career, or even a hobby.

In the early phase immediately after launch we will be working on recruiting volunteers to assist in various needs for setting up a solid roadmap and resources. Looking for instructors and content writers in order to make Share. Learn. Grow. into recognizable force in pushing a better future for those with a low income.

Additionally we are seeking donations to help fund all aspects of the Share. Learn. Grow. project. Initially to build a supply of projects that we will be able to give free to those who sign up for classes. Once an initial set of classes are arranged, we will also offer a "Buy One, Give One" system so that people can purchase a project kit, while also covering the costs of a project for someone who cannot afford one.

Our plan for our classes will be an interactive learning environment using a combination of live streams, recorded videos and written instructions. Someone who signs up for a class will receive information to attend a live stream so that they can build the project interactively while an instructor builds the project along with the viewers being able to ask questions to the instructors and assistants in a live setting. All classes will have a dedicated page on the site to provide access to the live streams, recorded videos and written instructional materials - these pages will also be available to the general public.

Those who sign up for a class, limited by project availability, will receive all project parts related to the class that will include any materials required to fully assemble the project. Computer and Internet access will not be provided, though we are planning to work with maker spaces to allow for hands on learning as well.

Again, availability of the amount of projects will vary based on funding. Large orders to support school classrooms will need to be arranged in advance. Schools who wish to purchase kits in bulk will be provided a discount in order to provide projects at minimal cost, though all learning materials will still be provided completely free of costs.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Form or via Twitter: @IShareLearnGrow