Sharing Knowledge. Learning Together. Growing the Future.

The purpose of this project is to bring people together to share their own skills with others, while providing projects to low income / under privileged people / kids / families and schools who may not normally have access to such things. To introduce new things to those who may not otherwise have had an opportunity. We want to be able to teach skills via virtual classes with hands on projects that will promote STEM related learning that can introduce and enhance skills that one can use to build their interests and used in their future growth.

We will provide live streams, videos, instructions and materials to promote that learning. Funded by donations and purchases in a "Buy One / Give One" model, we hope to provide projects and electronics kits to those who request them, and work on getting more STEM related learning into classrooms.

As classes and projects become available, they will be listed below in limited quantities. Those quantities are limited based on the donations and funding received. We will provide access to the best of our abilities. All virtual classes, videos and learning materials will always be accessible for free to anyone and everyone.

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How you can help Share. Learn. Grow.

Our main need is funding in order to obtain parts for projects to be distributed. You can donate by clicking to the right (below on mobile) for the "Donate to Support" and go through the checkout process.

We will also need people to donate 3D Printed parts for the projects that will be distributed to those who sign up to receive a kit. If you own a 3D Printer and would like to assist in printing parts, please use the Volunteer form. We will try to arrange for filament discounts with filament manufacturers and vendors.

Additionally, we are seeking volunteers (initially, hopefully with enough funding we'll be able to offer compensation in the future) for various things from instructors and site content writers, to project research. You can check out the Volunteer Page for more information.

Can I trust Share. Learn. Grow.? Who are you?

Excellent question! I definitely wouldn't give my money away towards something like this without knowing who was behind it... For those who know me... it's Josh from Alien3D, though obviously I'm wanting to separate this project from my business since this project is aiming to be non-profit as much as possible.

For those who don't know me, I started a business in 2018 involving 3D Printing called Alien3D LLC. One of my products is a mystery box that comes with a random project each month for people to use along with 3D printed parts.

Over the last couple of months I've had discussions with various people and companies who thought I should get in to providing project kits to schools. After thinking about it some, I finally decided that I didn't want to just help out schools with STEM, but also low income families. So as you can read on other parts of the site, this is my plan... I hope to leave a positive impact on the world and hope that I can inspire at least one person in achieving their dreams.